For a gift – tunics with personalisation

Pareo &Juliet tunics are the ideal gifts for any occasion for your mother, sister friend, beloved one or any near-and-dear person, whom you want to show gratitude and make them feel appreciated.

No matter what the occasion is – birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any other important event Pareo & Juliet is the elegant, practical and timeless gift for a person you choose to enjoy on many occasions – when travelling, in a hotel, on the beach, at the swimming pool or at home – and feel beautiful and exceptional.

Do you wish to give the exceptional present? In Pareo & Juliet you can personalise your tunic so that it is the only model available on the market. Upon your order we can add the embroidery in the belt, with the first name or initials of the person you want to give the present to. Your creativity and personal approach will surprise everyone! We will wrap the kimono up nice for you and send to the address you provide. If you want, we can add the your personal card message to the parcel. 🙂

Pareo&Juliet – short model with personalisation (first name or initials)

Tuniki krótkie z personalizacją - na prezent

Pareo&Juliet – long model with personalisation (first name or initials)

Tuniki długie z personalizacją - na prezent
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